Facility Maps

Helpful Alternative Directions

*For matches at Emerald Ridge HS, Here are 3 options. (All have traffic lights) When going South on Meridian/SR161, Turn LEFT at: 136th (by Firgrove Elem), OR 144th, OR 152nd (by Key Bank-Just South of the library)-Go EAST, turning RIGHT on 122nd Ave E (now going South). This will take you to Sunrise Blvd E. Stay on 122nd, crossing Sunrise Blvd, Turn LEFT @ 184th St E and you're there.

*For matches at Frontier JH OR Graham-Kapowsin HS, an option is to go thru Orting (on Pioneer Way/SR162), just past Orting HS, Turn RIGHT @ Calistoga St which changes to "OK Hwy" (Orting-Kapowsin Hwy)-Go UP the hill (stay to LEFT at the top) going SOUTH to 224th. You are now temporarily in Thrift, Turn RIGHT- now going West on 224th, in about 5 minutes, you'll be @ Frontier JH. (Please stay close to the speed limit in Orting and going up the hill, the PC sheriff hides in various places there) The chartered team busses use this route.

*For those using Pacific Ave/Hwy 7, Go SOUTH, Turning LEFT on 224th (at Fred Meyer)-now going EAST, you'll pass Bethel JH & HS, and in 10 minutes should be at 224th & Meridian/SR 161. (Safeway superstore at this corner). I've used ALL of these routes and suggest getting a "Thomas Guide" for up-to-date maps. I just bought one @ Costco (w/a cd-rom) for $24.99, $45.99 suggested retail$$. Good Luck!!
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