Online Evaluation Forms

All officials should evaluate the performance of their partner official at their matches.  It’s recommended you complete the evaluation by Sunday of the week of the match, in order to give feedback while still fresh in your mind, and to give your partner things to work on in their matches the following week.

Also essential is giving good feedback, even if you are evaluating a more veteran official.  We are always looking to improve as officials.

Information needed:
1. Your name and email.
2. Date of the match.  PLEASE do not enter the date when you completed the evaluation.  
3. Level of match and Position (R1/R2) of your partner.  If you work together on both JV/V, please submit separate evaluations for each match.
4. Home and away teams.
5. Your partner’s name from the dropdown menu.  Refer to the Evaluations Groups doc sent by Marc.

Use the appropriate evaluation form below:

Evaluation Groups (PDF)
Group A – Rubric
Group B – Official-to-Official
1st and 2nd Year Apprentices (evaluated on O-to-O)