Executive Board

Karen Ivy, Co-President
Nadia Tialavea, Co-President

1) Questions regarding Constitutions & By-laws
2) All official concerns


Troy Kochel, 1st Vice President

1) Questions regarding NCAA & NFHS testing
2) Suggestions for membership meeting agenda’s
3) Recruitment
4) Rating requests


Sylvia Sauu, Co-2nd Vice President
Isabel Hovinghoff, Co-2nd Vice President

1) Evaluations
2) Recruitment


Rick Stage, Past President

1) Year-end party coordinator
2) 2nd VP nominations
3) Grievances regarding TPCVOB policy/procedure
4) Wayne Gardner Match Point Honor Award nominations


Nadia Tialavea, Recording Secretary, Admin Assistant

1) Meeting minutes and E-Board attendance
2) Officials notebook (new & updates)
3) Maintain files of the Board
4) School packets & updates, membership updates & information mailing
5) Meeting Attendance & Makeup Records & Maintain Roster
6) Requests for patches, rule books etc.


Pat Gentele, Treasurer

1) Questions regarding pay statements
2) Questions regarding 1099 tax statements


Marc Blau, Assigning Secretary

1) Assignments. Available 24/7
2) Change in match officiated
3) Changes in your availability to officiate
4) Meeting “Make-up” game date 253-848-3317 (fax)
5) Recruitment
6) Officiating problems:
        a) with school facility/equipment
        b) with fellow officials
        c) with coaches
        d) match protests
e) Rule interpretation


Robyn Buck, College Trainer

1) Questions from college officials regarding all aspects of training

Tina Preece, Apprentice Trainer

1) Questions from new officials regarding all aspects of training

Steve Gernon, Apprentice Trainer

1) Questions from new officials regarding all aspects of training

Johnny Jones, Apprentice Trainer

1) Questions from new officials regarding all aspects of training



1973Karen Moorhead
1974Records Unavailable
1975Margie Junge Oleole
1976Records Unavailable
1977Records Unavailable
1978Records Unavailable
1979Leala Jew
1980Records Unavailable
1981Records Unavailable
1982Records Unavailable
1983Records Unavailable
1984Diane (Paplow) Thomas      
1985Wayne Gardner/ Gil Lopez
1986                      Walt Gogan
1987Wynne Vandergrift
1988Wynne Vandergrift
1989Walt Gogan
1990Cheryl Morgan
1991Cheryl Morgan
1992Cheryl Morgan
1993    Dan Jalbert
1994Carol Begert
1995Carol Begert
1996Gil Lopez
1997Cliff Milanoski
1998Carol Dunning
1999Tracey Broberg
2000Lenny Llanos
2001Sheri Helmold
2002Sheri Helmold
2003Sue Falash
2004Lonnie Hampton  
2005PJ Jones
2006Peter Thomas
2007Earl Powell
2008Mike Boisture
2009Davina Serdahl
2010Tina Preece
2011Robyn Buck
2012Robyn Buck
2013Paul Jensen
2014Paul Jensen
2015Dan Druzianich
2016Dan Druzianich
2017Robyn Buck
2018Rick Stage
2019Nadia Tialavea
2020-2021Steve Choi
2022-2023Rick Stage
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