Meeting Requirements

*All officials, including Spring and Fall Apprentice Officials, must attend 5 of 6 General Membership meetings scheduled for Aug. 17, Sept. 5, Sept. 11, Sept 25, Oct 9 and Nov. 6 (excluding the OTP & Apprentice Training Sessions).

* Fall Apprentice Officials, in addition to the commitment above, must attend three Apprentice Training Sessions on August 23 (Zoom), Aug. 25 (Gym) and Aug. 29 (Zoom).  Working the Aub. Mountainview tournament on Sept. 10 as a scorer- and LJ-in-training is required.

*All College officials must attend 2 out of 3 College meetings scheduled for Sept. 11, Sept. 25, and October 9 plus the OTP clinic on Aug. 20.

TWO missed meetings can be made up in the order below:
TBA at first meeting

2022 Meeting Dates

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