Meeting Requirements

*All officials, including Spring and Fall Apprentice Officials, must attend 5 of 6 General Membership meetings scheduled for Aug. 18, Sept. 6, Sept. 12, Sept 26, Oct 10 and Nov. 7 (excluding the OTP & Apprentice Training Sessions).

* Fall Apprentice Officials, in addition to the commitment above, must attend three Apprentice Training Sessions on August 24 (Zoom), Aug. 31 & Sept. 2.  Working the Aub. Mountainview tournament on Sept. 11 as a scorer- and LJ-in-training is required.

*All College officials must attend 2 out of 3 College meetings scheduled for Sept. 12, Sept. 26, and October 10 plus the OTP clinic on Aug. 21.

TWO missed meetings can be made up in the order below:

Meeting Requirements
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