As most of you know, the WIAA and WOA are making a concerted effort to promote and encourage sportsmanship in all aspects of games/matches in all sports.

 Your participation is optional and we will not be monitoring it locally. Whether the WIAA and WOA will monitor the participation by local Boards and Associations, I do not know, but I would encourage us to all at least do a few.

Step-by-step guide (click on images to view larger screenshots):

1 – This is the view we have when we log into Arbiter and click on the SCHEDULE TAB in the upper left.

2 – Click on the EVALUATION TAB—on the far left under Status is the word “READY” before each match.

3 – Click on READY to access the evaluation form.

4 – Notice that HOME TEAM is highlighted on the far left. Under Criteria are five categories to rank.  Complete the categories and then click AWAY TEAM.

5- Now repeat the process. When completed go to the lower right corner and click FINALIZE and SUBMIT and you are done.

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