WIAA Sport-Specific Return to Play Guidelines 

Things event management should take care of before we step in the gym.

What’s in the Bag?

In addition to your normal gear,
what will you carry for this season?

Arbiter Game Report Tutorial

How to file a game report to get paid your full game fee in 24-48 hours

Thanks to Snohomish Basketball Assoc. for sharing this.

UPDATED- 2021 Meeting Schedule

Same Zoom channel.  Same Zoom time.

Venues and Maps

Every gym in our area.  Know how to get there beforehand.  Google Maps links for each site.  Tip: turn on traffic layer and look up typical traffic at a certain time.

Warmup Procedures

Every conference and league, all levels, in one place.

WIAA Scorekeeper Training

WIAA Scoresheet

Libero Tracking Sheet

WIAA Lineup Sheet

Print out a few of each and keep on hand at your matches, just in case.

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